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TRBOWEST Launches the Largest Digital Two-Way Radio Network in Washington and Oregon

Portland, OR - TRBOWEST announces the availability of the TRBOWEST Digital Network beginning November 1st , 2011.  The digital two-way radio network consists of 13 mountaintop sites, spanning over 400 highway miles from the Canadian border to south of Eugene, Oregon. TRBOWEST offers a low, flat rate for unlimited digital two-way radio and data communication.   The system is constructed using Motorola's "MOTOTRBO" platform of equipment, thus the namesake TRBOWEST.   This is the first digital radio network made available to Seattle and Western Washington businesses and agencies.   Future expansion of the TRBOWEST coverage area is planned within Oregon and Washington, and roaming agreements will be made for connecting with other regional networks.  

Wide area radio, or dispatch radio is used by businesses and government agencies with mobile workers such as transportation, construction, delivery, agriculture, private security, and sanitation.  The radio network offers unlimited voice communication and data for GPS tracking, text messaging, and other custom software applications.   "The TRBOWEST network is a solution to make our customers more productive, safer, and improve their bottom line.  Keeping all mobile employees connected to each other makes the entire team safer and more efficient.   We are also seeing significant cost savings for our customers when comparing our system to similar cellular solutions," said Dean Ballew, Manager at TRBOWEST.

Digital radio systems have several significant advantages over analog systems.   Voice quality is much clearer due to noise cancellation and digital encoding.   Software applications are easy to develop and integrate with digital radio.  TRBOWEST also has seamless site roaming and signal strength meters which make the equipment easy to operate.

The TRBOWEST Digital Network operates as an independent business entity, but is owned by Day Wireless Systems, the largest wireless integrator in the West.   Authorized Motorola Solutions dealers in the Pacific Northwest are able to offer their customers this digital wide area solution.

For more information about TRBOWEST, visit or call 855-542-3767.