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Benefits of Joining

Vendors, it’s time for a better approach to reach wireless buyers

Thousands of public safety and government agencies, business/ industrial enterprises and dealers rely on the Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA). They trust EWA for its expertise, advice and referrals for wireless spectrum and business solutions. EWA is now meeting that demand online. What if you could tell your unique sales story at the moment sales prospects are ready to buy?

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Your prospects are asking EWA:

  • How can we compare different wireless applications to be sure we’re making the right choice?
  • Who can install and maintain the solution?
  • What’s the most spectrum-efficient and cost-effective solution?
  • Can you help me prepare an RFP and even help select the right vendor?

If you engineer, service or sell wireless systems, THIS IS FOR YOU.

Buyer’s guides are for buyers who already know what they want and are satisfied with just a list of vendors. EWA goes several steps further by helping to educate buyers about your solutions and facilitating vendor selection. Your case studies, articles, white papers, product guides and other branded content promote your expertise and qualifications on this instructive website.

Leading vendors are participating.

If your business involves product development, sales, installation or support for any wireless product or solution for businesses and government, you belong in the Enterprise Wireless Solutions Center®. Here are some of the technologies EWA members seek your help with:

  • Asset tracking and remote monitoring
  • Enterprise and workforce mobility management
  • Security: surveillance, identification, alarms
  • Radio over IP and mobile Voice over IP
  • Private and commercial voice systems
  • Backhaul and wide area networks
  • Messaging: paging, alerts and signage
  • Point of Sale, vending, payments

Looking for new prospects?

The unique Enterprise Wireless Solutions Center® will educate, inform and assist buyers so you can:

  • Demonstrate your unique expertise, leadership, and value proposition
  • Receive leads about knowledgeable and motivated prospects
  • Increase sales in your key markets
  • Be included in more RFPs

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Join today or please contact us with any questions.