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EWA staff recently traveled to the offices of the New York Communications Company (NYCOMCO) to conduct Licensing 101 training for employees. The training focused on spectrum essentials and how to use Cevo®, EWA’s online application submittal and frequency coordination tool that simplifies applying for an FCC license, helps manage spectrum for licensees, and even allows users to select their own frequencies. Additional topics included the basic causes for FCC application returns, which FCC rules are critical for different types of systems, techniques to minimize co-channel interference, and best practices to achieve desired spectrum results.

"Having the EWA at our facility was one of the most beneficial training sessions our company has invested in in many years," said NYCOMCO owner and Secretary Jenna Riess. "Not only was the staff from EWA truly professional. They were highly educated on the topic and took the time to explain and answer any questions we had. The personalized experience and knowledge was priceless."

If you are interested in having EWA conduct in-person training for your employees, please contact Sarah Beerbower at 703-797-5108 [email protected].